Quad City Challenger experimental and ultralight aircraft sales, service, parts, accessories and flight training.

Experimental Light Sport Aircraft for the Sport Pilot at an Affordable Price!

ELLEF AIR is pleased to announce the additon of the complete line of QUAD CITY CHALLENGER Aircraf to their stable of light sport, ultralight and experimental aircraft! QUAD CITY CHALLENGER Aircraft is the one of the world's largest producers of light sport and experimental aircraft having delivered over 4,000 aircraft kits. The company's designs are superbly supported, and have an excellent safety record. 
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Fly the Quad City Challenger - Make Your Dreams Come True

The versatility of the Challenger line of aircraft is legendary - wheels, skis, floats, soaring, local or cross continent flights. Four seasons a year of use. Owners enjoy a huge user community and an extensive support network. 

The Challenger II For Challenging Times - The Lowest Acquistion & Operating Costs Of All

Fuel economy is unbeatable - use regular car gas - only ten bucks an hour! Acquire a Challenger for a fraction of the cost of imported Light Sport Aircraft. Parts and service are affordable and simple, unlike S-LSA and certified aircraft. 

4,000 Quad city Challengers Worldwide - Performance & Safety Proven Since 1983

The first single seat Challenger ultralight a quarter century ago has evolved into a full line of kitplanes with a wide mix of models, options and accessories. The new Challenger 103 expands the line back to the grass roots and the
new Challenger Light Sports are the line's most dramatic ever step forward. 

Challenger Single Place Ultralight Aircraft! No License, No Medical, No Registration!

Fly a Challenger Experimental Light Sport with your current licence or a Sport Pilot permit. Or fly a Challenger 103 with zero red tape - no licence, medical or registration. Challenger is the best value in aviation - first choice of pros and newbies alike! 

EllefAir - Quad City Challenger experimental and ultralight aircraft sales, service, parts, accessories and flight training.